Find Your Mix

Ever heard of the saying, “healthy body, healthy mind”? Yeah, us too. But what about healthy hair, healthy mind? Self-care days come and go, but haircare, is forever. Puremix products are crafted with the ultimate superfoods and natural vitamins. If it's good enough to eat, its good enough to put in your hair! Through the use ingredients sourced from the earths finest organic gifts, we have created a variety of personalized mixes that promise to nourish and protect your luscious locks. While our formulas are not edible, the subtle, yet refreshing fragrance found within each unique mix is sure to make wash day, your favorite day. Running your fingers through your silky, hydrated hair is only the beginning, just wait until you experience long lasting, incredible results. Oh, and the best part? All products are free of nasties, keratin safe and cruelty free. If you don’t know what mix is best fit for you, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s talk superfood rich products that will have you on cloud 9...or should we say, cloud Puremix!


Fresh Pomegranate

Puremix Fresh Pomegranate is ideal for individuals with color treated hair. To keep your color radiant and long lasting, this mix is enriched with pomegranate’s super antioxidants and rich tannins, where a magical bond is created to ensure color stays for up to 30 washes!  The end result? Healthy hair and glowing color. Top your finished style off with the Fresh Pomegranate Hairspray to maintain full body and undeniable shine.


Blooming Sunflower

Introducing the newest addition to our superfood haircare family, Blooming Sunflower. Let's break down this mix! Sunflower seed extract gently cleanses and moisturizes to protect your gorgeous color, while vitamin B5+ naturally thickens and lifts each strand. Enter, incredible volume from root to tip! 


Activated Charcoal

Purify & Protect, that's the name of the game! The Activated Charcoal formula delivers stellar results, to all hair types. Vitamins E, B3, B5, B6 and magnesium work together to absorb excess oil and dirt without stripping your hair of its natural oils. For a healthy dose of added strength, refined oats serve as a main ingredient, as well as quinoa proteins for color protection. From table to shower? Yes, please! 


Native Fig

Hair moisture is an art...and we’ve mastered it for you. Native Fig gently cleanses and restores moisture + shine without weighing hair down! The secret? Vitamins C, E and Calcium, the trio that never fails us. Top your healthy haircare routine off with the Native Fig replenishing 3-in-1 Leave-in, a staple product in every collection.


Wild Honey
Your hair called, it said "more moisture, less frizz!" Wild Honey was specifically created for individuals who are in desperate need of a repair! Formulated with honey and natural antioxidants, hair instantly becomes softened, moisturized, and smoothed. Once dry, users discover amazing texture, manageability and shine! Honey, we LOVE her. If you’re looking for an additional boost of hydration, check out the Deep Conditioning Repair Mask to revive your damaged hair.